Introducing CrossFire Rx – an innovative and proven suppression agent designed to overcome the specific challenges of cotton fires

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From Harvest to Ginning, from Storage to Spinning - No one knows cotton fire detection and suppression quite like ARGUS No One

The Cotton Fire Challenge – Field-cotton is one of the most flammable materials ever tested by the US government. Even minor abrasion can result in ignition. In addition, cotton is extremely hydrophobic (i.e. it actively repels water) which significantly reduces the effectiveness of regular water as an extinguishing agent. Lastly, cotton is prone to smoldering which, when combined with its hydrophobic nature, makes it considerably more difficult to penetrate and extinguish. These characteristics then lead to to a very high risk of re-ignition.

The CrossFire Solution – Based on years of testing and research, CrossFire Rx strikes at a fire across five different “lines of attack”:

  • Super-saturation
  • Free-radical scavenging
  • Oxygen competition/depletion
  • Oxygen displacement and
  • Supplemental evaporative cooling

CrossFire exclusively incorporates the most effective available wetting agent for cotton fire suppression.

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